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Natural Warp
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a programmable artwork with 888 faces.


Hi, my name is George a.k.a Natural Warp.
I’m a psychedelic artist based in Belgium and creating 360° artworks is the core of my work.

I’m here to present to you ∞ 360° Nfinity ∞ a programmable blueprint collection to be launched soon at Async Art

Whitelisted Presale : March 7th, 2022 at 9am PST / 6pm CET.
Public Minting : March 8th, 2022 at 9am PST / 6pm CET.

What you will see in this project is all about 360° art and it’s message to you.

What is a 360° artwork u ask ?

Simply put it’s a digital artwork created on a spherical canvas.
Optimally it is to be viewed with a VR headset, from within, much like experiencing art inside a digital womb.

But to show it on a flatscreen monitor you’d have to render it live & interactively so you can rotate the canvas with your mouse just like in a 360° panorama or photo.
The other option is to take ‘photographic shots’ inside such a sphere and represent the contents of such a volumetric construction in this way.

This is one possible combination output of the ∞ 360° Nfinity ∞ blueprint at Async Art

The Blueprint Project

∞ 360° Nfinity ∞ makes use of exactly that last option and this entire artwork is based on some of the highlights of what my 360° workflow from over the past 5 years has provided me with.

More than twenty different 360° artworks are combined into this one programmable collection which is created on the Async Art platform.
It has 10.000+ potential possible outcomes.

∞ 360° Nfinity ∞ at Async Art :

One artwork of which only 888 unique versions will ever see the light of day. Launch : March 8, 2022 at 9am PST / 6pm CET.

This is another possible combination output of the ∞ 360° Nfinity ∞ artwork at Async Art

What is this collection all about ?

“Everything in life is connected by an invisible grid, the structure of the universe.”

These 360° visions — created from within the digital abyss — might inspire you to remind yourself of times before you entered the physical world.

Let me try to put it to words with this mindbending example :

“We experience the experience of an experience experiencing the experience”

This is a shortcut illustrating the fact we are all roaming an existance where countless dimensions are merged within the unseen realm of a world in which we are mainly focused on the surface and tangible stimuli.

My art is an attempt to explore and visualize exactly that, these intertwined dimensions underlying our daily existence, connecting the invisible dots in the eternity of the everpresent NOW.

There are an unfathomable and infinite amount of possible combinations with all things in this universe. Yet all these ‘individual’ instances, events, objects, visions and ideas all have one root of origin which we could call ‘the present moment’. This makes them all connected in one way or another.

My creations are inspired on my personal connection to the mindboggling paradoxes like :
- ‘nothing’ and ‘everything’ both exist at the same time
- ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’ are merely illusions of a lineair timeframe
- ‘me’ and ‘you’ are not separated individuals in a disconnected world
- ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are only 2 perspectives of an undivided reality which we will highly likely never ever grasp in it’s entirety as being ‘a single individual’.

The message

‘Everything is Connected’ is the memo and the energy we label as ‘love’ or ‘hate’ is the glue.

I’m so excited about the fact that the medium of my choice — which is the 360° equirectangular canvas — truly is perfect to create these immersive experiences where you, the visitor — when making use of the VR headset — can step into the artwork and feel the presence of a connected symbiose between the ‘being’ / the absence of the body and the ‘awareness’ and ‘structure’ of the present.

How I see it, this exposure of the mind to this state resembles a lucid psychedelic & visionary 360° holographic experience which has been triggered since the dawn of mankind by the use of dance / transcendental meditation / sports / breathing excercise / rituals or entheogens.

These experiences have had an impact on my life since as long as I can remember. They have inspired my will to live, my desire to seek out meaning, and my dedication to translate the unseen and visualize the unspeakable.

Another possible combination output of the ∞ 360° Nfinity ∞ artwork at Async Art

∞ 360° Nfinity ∞

One artwork — 888 unique versions — drops at Async Art

Whitelisted Presale : March 7th, 2022 at 9am PST / 6pm CET.
Public Minting : March 8th, 2022 at 9am PST / 6pm CET.

Direct link to the blueprint project :

Link to the presale whitelist :

LIVE pre-launch event March 5th at 6pm CET

Live interview AMA event in both Somnium Space VR ( SomniumWEB ) and Twitterspace hosted by NFTrippy

Location : https://somniumspace.com/parcel/4940

I see you there !!!



Natural Warp

My work is all about creating art and living a life inspired by the psychedelic experience.