I see you

Natural Warp
Apr 7, 2023


In order to find your true self.
You went on a quest.

It started at birth, perhaps even as early as in the womb.

You caught glimpses here and there throughout life.
You hope and even expect to find all answers in death or what lies beyond.

What if …

I am here to tell you.
The need to search is over.
You have found what you are looking for.

You are ready to turn The Search into The Finding.
You are here to transmute The Quest into The Holy Grail.

Image : Turn on, Tune in, DYOR.

So look no further and accept you have arrived.
You are exactly where you want to be.

Enjoy the scenery and help others experience this reality to the fullest.

( revelation & artwork inspired by a lifetime observation of the manifestations of the self )



Natural Warp

My work is all about creating art and living a life inspired by the psychedelic experience.