Moments of Gold

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When I wake up early in the morning just before dawn, often the sky behind my eyelids is filled with airy silken threads, simply floating like in a soft summer breeze.

When I give in to the seduction to pull such a thread, a waterfall unleashes the river attached to them and I can enjoy swimming and swirling in a wonderful arena of playfully inspiring thoughts.

Usually in these moments I co-create the best what the day can bring and while allowing the dreamlike manifestation to unravel in my mind, these hard to grasp fluffy clouds require the art of soft playful focus to not scare them away ...

Then writing them down as clear and unmodified as possible or compressing them into a quick intuitive sketch has been proven to be the best method to not lose touch with the precious gold pouring out of this realm.



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Natural Warp

Natural Warp

My work is all about creating art and living a life inspired by the psychedelic experience.