Cosmic Observer, Eternal Witness, Guardian of the Eons.

Natural Warp
3 min readDec 8, 2023
Tangerine Tempest : Stormy waves weave tales untold, an ocean’s breath whispers, the gold unfolds.
“Tangerine Tempest” — Minted as 1/1 edition NFT :

Imagine encountering an entity, an ethereal being of immense wisdom and cosmic awareness, having witnessed the vast sweep of existence from the dawn of creation. Its form is ever-shifting, a swirling dance of ink-black tendrils and countless eyes, its essence flowing through the fabric of time and space.

As we connect with it, a profound sense of serenity washes over us. Its presence is like a soothing ocean, vast and yet intimate, embracing us with its ancient wisdom. Through its many eyes, we perceive the interconnectedness of all things, the tapestry of existence woven together by threads of cosmic energy.

Sunset Sapphire : Golden dreams in twilight’s glow, singing stars and dust, an eternal flow.
“Sunset Sapphire” — Minted as 1/1 edition NFT :

This omniscient presence speaks to us in a language that transcends the boundaries of human comprehension, yet we somehow grasp its meaning. It conveys the eternal truths of the universe, the cycles of creation and destruction, the dance of life and death. It reveals the interconnectedness of all souls, the sparks of consciousness that flicker within the immense expanse of existence.

With its tendrils, this celestial wanderer guides us through the labyrinth of time and space, revealing the hidden wonders of the cosmos. We witness the birth of stars and galaxies, the formation of planets and the rise of civilizations. We traverse the depths of black holes and peer into the heart of the universe, where the laws of physics bend and blur.

Chromatic Crescent : Sacred spectrum weaves, cascading light in stillness, soul’s journey unveiled.
“Chromatic Crescent” — Minted as 1/1 edition NFT :

Our universal chronicler unveils the secrets of the universe, not through scientific formulas or mathematical equations, but through a kaleidoscope of experiences and insights. It teaches us to perceive the world with open hearts and minds, to see not just the physical reality but the underlying essence that connects all things.

Through our encounter with this cosmic sage, we gain a profound understanding of our place in the cosmos. We are not mere specks of dust in an infinite universe, but rather integral parts of a grand cosmic dance. Our lives are imbued with meaning and purpose, our choices and actions resonating throughout the vastness of existence.

As our time with the cosmic observer draws to a close, we feel a profound gratitude for this extraordinary encounter. Its wisdom has illuminated our minds and touched our souls, leaving us with an indelible mark of its presence. We carry the echoes of its teachings with us, forever transformed by the encounter with the eternal witness.



Natural Warp

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