The Monk and The Artifact

Natural Warp
2 min readNov 28, 2022


With this work I wanted to state the obvious :

Decentralize the state of your mind, let go of the shackles of your personal prison, dissolve the imaginary boundaries of this beautiful existence and free yourself entirely.

First of all, let’s get some things perfectly clear here :

There is no monk.
There is no artifact.

And when we are talking about the Holy Trinity, well : there is no void, there is no veil, and time is highly likely just another completely self- imagined substance as well.

The Monk.

The Monk represents that moment where you find absolute stillness, and experiment with several states of your mind, to punch through your daily limits. By shifting the center of your focus, you shift your world views entirely and instantly and you manifest powerful upgrades into your personal system.

The Artifact.

The Artifact represents the feedback of the world surrounding you.
At first it seems to be a solid thing, separate from the self, but notice how every time you are open to change, the change you started yourself from within, is reflected in the reality you observe.

The Holy Trinity.

The Void, The Veil and Time : The Holy Trinity, a continuation which binds everything.

  • The Veil : represented by the multi-layered breathing environment.
  • The Void : represented by the dissappearing artifact, the dissappearing environment, the stillness and emptyness both inside and outside the monk.
  • Time : the substance that binds all these different states, the invisible glue that feeds us a constant flow of options. The so perceived linear stream that enables us to drive the vision that encapsulates everything in existence, at least in our ‘confirmed’ human experience.

My personal take on the entire sequence.

In this 100 second long seamless videoloop The Monk goes through a series of realizations.

  • 1st Realization 0–5 : When I open up my mind I can see that the world around me is multi-layered and alive.
  • 2nd Realization 5–10 : I can choose the object of my focus.
  • 3rd Realization 10–15 : There is no object.
  • 4th Realization 15–20 : I see the breathing universe in everything.
  • 5th Realization 20–30 : When the self dissolves, the observer, object and the universe can perfectly align.
  • 6th Realization 30–55 : Inner and outer experiences are connected and made of the same substance.
  • 7th Realization 55–70 : I behold the Void and Life is my cradle.
  • 8th Realization 70–80 : I am The Void.
  • 9th Realization 80–90 : I synchronize and see that The Universe is in me always.
  • 10th Realization 90–100 : I return to myself completely renewed.



Natural Warp

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