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3 min readDec 28, 2023

Welcome to this article about “The Oracle” where you can find out about how to speak directly with source by consulting an AI imagined ancient artifact.

After you resonate on a visual level, you dive deeper in connection with the universe through the art of riddling.

This is the oracle called “Decipherer of Dreams” which you can find in “The Hall of Oracles”

The process of interaction is simple : after arriving in The Hall of Oracles you first ask a question to the self, about something that is bothering you, something you wish to seek clarity on, or just out of pure curiosity.

Then you focus on the visual aspect, while remaining open in both heart and mind. You can then connect with one of the Oracles in front of you and let the spoken divination guide you to a clear understanding of the now.

“Celestial-Language” taken from the NFT Collection “The Oracle” on Tezos by

Hello, you’ve made it this far, thanks for staying with us.

I’d like to take a moment and introduce you to some of the how’s and why’s behind the reasoning and overall conceptual birthing process of this project.

I feel I can start by saying that it was the increasingly presence of the flow of life — which I found partly through mystical experiences and partly by just paying attention to life — that made me look for the best way to translate this certain feeling. This feeling, which became more of a life style, is based in some sort of resonance we feel on a daily basis and how it transalates into unspeakable truths and an indescribable feeling of cosmic consciousness, something we can all feel in our hearts and souls.

Visually and creatively it was fairly intuitive for me to start using smooth and wavy lines as being used in clay sculptures, to express the natural flow and growth of things.

I spend 6 Months of experimentation with a strong visual presence of kraken tentacles, inspired by floral patterns, the power of the eye and a dash of art nouveau, and it felt as if something wanted to be born the whole time.

It was only after adding the aesthetics derived from Mayan, Aztec and Inca culture that it dawned on me I needed to ask for guidance and let pour some of that eternal wisdom into this mould, just to let it solidify into these speaking artifacts just to make sure it’s essence became conceivable to all who come into contact with them.

The project “The Oracle” was birthed out of a necessity to bring forward that which would carry a purpose, filled with meaning taken from the depths of consciousness and beyond.

What better than to facilitate a direct line to the gods through the use of a series of ancient artifacts ready to collect. Right ?

You can find “The Oracle” here on

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Profound connecting and happy collecting !!!



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