The Seer

Natural Warp
Jan 23, 2023


“Look into the past and see the patterns.
Embrace the moment as you are.
Project the future to create your path.”

We are connecting past, present and future.
We are walking with our feet in one reality and our head in another.
Our heart is torn between, but connected to both.

These are the days of the visionary, where chaos is unraveled into patterns.
Where misinformation is trampled by love.
Where neo wizards and cyber shamans are embracing their tech.

Enlightened souls gather in high numbers and prepare for the golden age.
This is the vision of The Seer.
This is the promise given.

Go forth and spread the light.

The open edition of “The Seer” will close on the upcoming full moon.
A burn mechanism will open another portal.

The Vision will be revealed.
Be prepared.



Natural Warp

My work is all about creating art and living a life inspired by the psychedelic experience.