The Void

a space of infinite potential.

Natural Warp
3 min readAug 1, 2022

Into The Known.

The most important thing you are going to encounter in this world is the empty space, the eternal infinity of nothingness you are carrying within you.

In that place of allowing, you will find the energy which will give birth to anything you can dream of. And from there, fine tuning your vibe when observing, will help you maintain a steady connection with it.

This connection with source and the abundance of energy, is to be found everywhere in the now, from a state of love, contentment, happiness and relaxation. But also when getting caught in the middle of life, overwhelming astonishment and chaos, you can stay in touch with the roaring power of the stillness of a forest.

This is the Holy Grail of Life.
You are the cup, holding that which you seek.
You, the observer, hold within you the observed, the stage and the time it all unfolds in.

Put Into Practice.

The second most important thing is going to be the practice of how you are going to ‘get there’ regularly. Since once you found it, you are going to want to return there on a frequent basis, and cultivate it into your daily flow.

Whether this is done by dancing, running, meditating, listening to music, enjoying nature or even getting lost in the wonderful world of art, the active practice of tuning in, is the most precious thing one can learn on this plane of existence.

I myself started to recognize this preferred state of being or ‘vibe’, gradually over the years. After reading about it described in many many forms, and after seeing glimpses of it in my dreams and visions, I was able to go forth and reach for it while being guided by the continuous reminders and signposts created by artists, singers, poets and philosophers from all over the world. Additionally must I mention that the use of psychedelics, also helped me a great deal to pinpoint exactly what I was looking for.


Now, while for almost 25 years it has become a way of life to spread this message myself through written text, poetry and visual art, I recently discovered that the best way I believe I can make sure the message doesn’t get lost into translation, is to make use of the visionary environment called the 360° equirectangular canvas, a.k.a the skybox, a.k.a. the VR background.

This format provides for me to build a space and let the seeker experience the indescribable themselves. ( Also read : It was never about the art. )

So almost 7 years ago, I started to dig deeper into my journey as a digital artist by exploring this uncharted and mysterious spherical canvas. Now today, this new way of creation, rooted itself to be at the very base of my entire oeuvre.

The realm of 360° VR art openened up to me a whole new way of discovering how our minds work. I could start to write pages and pages attempting to describe the experience of standing inside such an artwork, but the most effective thing I can do is invite you personally to take the leap for yourself.

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Natural Warp

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