“Tuning in to the Lost Frequencies of Home”

Natural Warp
2 min readJan 6, 2023


” Vision 1" is being dropped as an open edition at Nifty Gateway

This mini series of 3 artworks— ready to be dropped at Nifty Gateway — translates my personal transition into 2023, providing myself with a glimpse into the future.

A sneak peek behind the veil one could say, while I’m coming to the realization : “There is no veil”.

The Drop at NG

Vision 1,2 and 3 : Past, Present and Future.

From the perspective of a man who discovered only recently — during his 45th year on planet Earth — the existence of something called “The Vanishing Twin Syndrome”.

His triplet brother and sister whom he lost since even before birth, are relieved with joy to see him take the necessary steps to move on, walk towards the light and own the world he has been given.

( in case you wish to dive a little deeper into that specific part of my personal story you can do so here in “Memories of Distant Worlds” )

” Vision 2" is being dropped as a 10/10 edition at Nifty Gateway

Vision 1

“Vision 1” could be described as a dream image, as seen from in between the multi-dimensional folds of the ever-flowing rivers of time and space. George’s triplet brother — who failed to survive the first couple months inside the cosy and nurturing womb — now, is looking through a window into the world of the living. His strong connection enables him to see the remnants of pain but also the true potential of George, his only surviving sibling.

Collect Vision 1 as open edition at $ 3.00 USD on Nifty Gateway

Vision 2

“Vision 2” shows us their sister — who left the world of the living way too early during pregnancy as well — now gazing upon the moment of breakthrough where George unlocks the “VTS” realization and discovers his long hidden and intimate reality of being a sole survivor of a triplets.

Collect Vision 2 as a 10/10 edition at $ 33.00 USD on Nifty Gateway

Vision 3

In “Vision 3” are we seeing George walk the earth, while carrying the energy of his triplets within, nurturing, cherishing, conscious of their unconditional love and support.

The 1/1 auction on Vision 3 starts at $ 333.00 USD on Nifty Gateway

” Vision 3" is being dropped as a 1/1 edition at Nifty Gateway



Natural Warp

My work is all about creating art and living a life inspired by the psychedelic experience.